Performance FAQ

What is your price for performing at events?

I charge $300 as a base price which includes music for under an hour, travel up to 50 miles, and a consultation hearing. Additional time is $50 per additional half hour. I charge $400 for wedding ceremonies as a flat rate since the timing of these events is unpredictable and they take significant preparation.

What is included in the wedding ceremony price?

30 minutes of seating music for the guests, all music for the ceremony, and exit music while your guests leave the ceremony area, including any special music requests. Music for the cocktail hour is $100 extra.

Can your harp be amplified if I’m worried about sound?

Yes, I have an electro-acoustic harp, meaning it’s an acoustic instrument with microphones installed inside the soundboard. It can easily be plugged into any speaker.

Do you have additional fees?

For weddings, I charge $50 if your ceremony starts more than a half hour late, since that adds a half hour of playing time to my performance. I also have a fee for events particularly far from Los Angeles, which changes depending on distance. Finally, if your event falls within five days of Christmas there is a $100 fee since it impacts plans with my family.

Why is your base fee higher than your hourly fee?

Moving a harp is time consuming and challenging. It often takes me most of the day to get the harp to your event, and then home again. You are not paying me just for that hour, but essentially for the day! You are also covering the hours of practice time and preparation before the event takes place to ensure my performance is perfect.

Why must I have a plan for rain?

It is in my contract that if your event is outside, you must have a rain plan. This is because my harp is not water resistant and would be severely damaged by the rain. If there is no rain plan and you will be having your wedding in the rain, I cannot perform for your ceremony.

How much does your harp cost?

My harp cost $23,000.

How long have you been playing the harp?

I began playing in 1995.

What wood is it made out of?