Philly Harp Week

Final Concert

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The Philadelphia area has two incredible harp education programs: Play on Philly and the Lyra Society’s Glissando program. One difficulty that these programs face, however, is the gap left by the summer. Since they are implemented through the school system, the students have three months away from their instruments. When they return, it takes several weeks, if not months, for them to catch up to where they were technically and musically. This wastes the little time they have, making these programs less effective.
The teaching artists of the POP and Glissando program are banding together to create a new summer harp camp! This is not just for Lyra and Play on Philly kids, but will be open to all harpists. At Philly Harp Week we are employing the best teachers and experienced artistic development staff to give the kids the finest possible experience. There are classes in theory, technique, and repertoire, as well as electives in other artistic and musical areas. The students will have the opportunity to give a well rehearsed performance and gain the self esteem that comes from such an experience.
Philly Harp Week is Supported by The American Harp Society