I teach piano and harp to students of all levels and ages. I began my studio in 1999, and have since earned my master’s degree in music performance. I teach all ages and styles. I start each new student by acknowledging their goals and then creating a comprehensive lesson plan. In this way, I can ensure casual students have a fun experience, and students who want to make a career out of music have the path in place to make that happen.

I am trained in Book 1 Suzuki Harp and Piano, and have certifications in educating trauma-impacted children as well as experience with autistic, dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD impacted children. If your child has any special needs, please consult with me first before starting trial lessons.

The first trial lesson is free and is recommended before joining the studio. The studio is on a tuition system, which means you pay the same rate monthly no matter the number of missed or taught lessons. This rate assumes you will miss 10 lessons per year, which covers holidays, illnesses, and vacations. Therefore, if you miss fewer than 10 lessons per year, you will receive those lessons for free. Make-up lessons are offered in the case of teacher absences outside of federal holidays and five weeks of vacation per year.

Rates (per month, for weekly lessons)lesson1

Single Student lessons in my home studio:

  • 30 minutes: $140 (per month)
  • 45 minutes: $170
  • 60 minutes: $200

Family Student lessons in my home studio (more than one child, rate is per child):

  • 30 minutes: $120 (per child per month)
  • 45 minutes: $150
  • 60 minutes: $180

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Diego Lopez

Elizabeth is a great piano teacher. She makes learning the piano a fun and satisfying experience. She is extremely patient. She has a calming way of explaining each lesson and gives you further insight of explaining not only how and what to play, but why it is played a certain way and why a composer might have written it in that fashion. Enjoying my time learning.

Zora Nelson

Mrs. Elizabeth is an extraordinary harpist and teacher. I am grateful to have worked with her for over 5 years because she is truly a master at her craft. Her unique, but effective teaching methods in technique and musicality is what built my foundation as a harpist, and these skills are still very prominent in my playing today. She is really one of the best!

Alisha Armstrong

She is a great teacher who knows how to communicate with her students. Working with her was an amazing experience and very productive. I liked how she was a great listener and used that to find the best ways to teach me new things.

Ahshanti Smalls

She will always be there for you, even if she’s not your teacher or not. She gives good critique and shapes you into a better harpist. Also, she gives good opportunities for people who needs them!

James C

Having retired for more than a decade, fortunately, I have professor Huston as my piano teacher. 1. More than 15 years of teaching experience. 2. Each time she assigns a project that builds on the completion of the last homework. 3. The studio is located in a very beautiful and safe place so quiet and hygienic that you can concentrate during lesson time and feel comfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teacher and student keep social distance and both wear a mask. 4. Patience and effect are the main characteristics of a good teacher. She gives suggestions for some measures to be better after listening to the player very carefully all the way, 5. The lesson price is comparable for students of age from 70 plus to 7 years old. Parking may be found on the next small block. I strongly recommend any music lover to have lessons from professor Huston, especially during this pandemic time.

Jorge Carpio

Great experience for my 4 year old. We now go to Ms Liz for weekly lessons!