A Change of Harp (Show)

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Now is your chance to see new music like you never have before. This collaborative program of live harp music by living Philadelphian composers is accompanied by a mixed-media visual show that allows audiences to see into the creative mind’s eye. Projection, dance, performance art: it has it all.

A Change of Harp brings together live harp performances of modern compositions by living, local composers and presents them in conjunction with other elements of contemporary art. Moving interpretations by premiere dancers and performance artists combined with visual effects relate the intent of each piece, bringing the audience into a deeper understanding of the composer’s intentions. This level of musical insight is typically reserved for the composer alone. Each piece will be prefaced by a short video interview with the composers themselves to further lead you into their world. When performer Morgan-Ellis conceived such a show, she had no idea she would get such an overwhelming response, both from audiences and artists. She creates linkages between the musical composition and a visual interpretation which simultaneously convey the same message in a different medium. By understanding and presenting these connections, she crafts a performance which resonates on many levels with all audience members, regardless of their backgrounds.

In short: Beautiful music, challenging experiences, brilliant performances, dazzling effects.