10 Synchronisms







An exploration of sound and space. Featuring performances by 15 musicians, 10 SYNCHRONISMS is an architectural staging of ten electro-acoustic compositions.
The Synchronisms are a series of musical compositions for live instruments and pre-recorded tape composed by Argentine-American composer Mario Davidovsky (b. 1934). Composed between 1963 and 2006 and often compared to Berio’s Sequenzas, Davidovsky’s works are characterized by the interaction of virtuoso musicians with a counterpoint of electronically generated sounds covering a broad tonal and timbral spectrum.
Each night ten Synchronisms (the complete set minus the choral and orchestral Synchronisms) will be performed in spaces scattered across West Philadelphia’s historic Church of the Holy Apostles and the Mediator. These settings will provide listeners with a varied and unique aural space to experience each work while exploring this historic and rarely seen building.
This production of 10 Synchronisms is part of the “Composit Series”, a series produced by Elizabeth Huston (A Change of Harp), that began with her 2014 staging of Berio’s Sequenzas at the First Unitarian Church.
Join us for a journey of new sounds in old spaces.


Synchronisms 1 – Flute – Emma Resmini
Synchronisms 2 – Flute – Emma Resmini
Clarinet – Joe Dvorak
Violin – Rachel Segal
Cello – Eric Coyne
Synchronisms 3 – Cello – Eric Coyne
Synchronisms 5 – Percussion – Temple Percussion Ensemble
Synchronisms 6 – Piano – David Hughes
Synchronisms 8 – Flute – Emma Resmini
Oboe – Oliver Cowley
Clarinet – Joe Dvorak
Horn – Ben Mulholland
Bassoon – Dominic Panunto
Synchronisms 9 – Violin – Rachel Segal
Synchronisms 10 – Guitar – Jordan Dodson
Synchronisms 11 – Double Bass – Zach Rowden
Synchronisms 12 – Clarinet – Joe Dvorak
All Sound by BEEP (http://www.beep.band/)

This performance was supported in part by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Support also provided by PECO. This program is administered regionally by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

Sponsored by Bowerbird (www.bowerbird.org)