Create Space

Create space is a monthly event (currently in the planning stages) that will allow artists in Los Angeles a platform to connect with their community, present works in progress, network with like-minded people, share ideas, and promote their projects. This will be open to all artists of all walks in all parts of their careers. Our hope is that this event is not only insanely fun, but also a great chance to share skills, gain collaborators, get feedback, and be heard.

The Create Space event was born from the realization that, because of the sprawling environment we live in, artists in Los Angeles are living in incubated neighborhoods. While no art can live in isolation, artists aren’t meeting (and therefore aren’t collaborating) because of separation of space. Also: there simply aren’t events that bring us all together! We want to provide that service, helping to create a community that is functional, economical, and cooperative.

This will not only benefit artists however. Many local arts enthusiasts are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of art being created in our community. With so many choices of events happening every day, there can be a crippling fear of missing out. This event will allow people to experience a wide range of art and artists in many stages of development, all fit in to a single hour. Who knows, maybe you’ll love something you never even thought you’d like.

In the spirit of collaboration, we need your help. We’re intending for this event to take place in the same venue each month, but we need to know what neighborhood is best for everyone. We also want to schedule it around your needs to make sure as many people can make it as possible. Finally, we would like to know what you need out of this event so it can be as valuable as possible for everyone involved. Please fill out our survey so we can create the perfect event to serve your community.